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As a locally based key holding company in Manilva we can offer caretaking services and a 24hr/365 days a year

on-call support service. Our service provides a secure and reliable back up including maintenance

solutions at short notice, giving you complete peace of mind.

Annual key-holding fee €300 per annum (€5.77per week).


We are available for callouts 365 days a year.  Callouts can be requested by the owner or by a

disignated party (neighbour,ect).  Callouts can either be booked by phone or email.

Callouts are charged at €30 first 30mins / Additional hours charged at €17.50 during working hours

and €75 after working hours.

Property Checks

Owners can arrange property checks at short notice or on a regular basis.  Property checks can be

weekly or monthly, for example during off season or when the property is vacant the property

checks can be increased or decreased, we are flexible and will tailor our service to suit you.

There are two separate options - a brief external check, or a more detailed security and

maintenance inspection:

Brief Check

This is a 15 minute walk around the external property area, which may be useful following a storm

or periods of incumbent weather.  This check includes an inspection for any external signs of damage,

leaks or blockages.  It also covers roofs, drains,  terraces, windows and doors which are visible from

ground floor level  Including pool and garden. This including a video.

Pre-Booked brief check inspection - €35

Security and Maintenance Inspection

A more detailed 1 hour inspection of the property both internally and externally.  This check covers

external check for maintenance, security, and damage.  Internally the property is inspected for leaks,

water penetration and signs of damp and any maintenance issues.  Heating and utilities are also

checked.  Heating and any other relevant appliances can be pre-set or adjusted if required.

This includes a video.

Pre-Booked security and maintenance inspection €60

Trade Access

For absentee owners we can provide access for trades, organise deliveries ect.  This can be pre-

arranged or requested at short notice.  If required, caretakers can accompany tradesmen or delivery

people into and out of the property.

Pre-booked (24 hours prior) €35 first 30 mins / Additional hours charged at €17.50

Same day / Short notice €50 first 30 mins / Additional hours charged at €17.50

The above prices are excluding IVA @ 21%






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