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Ozone Disinfection

Home,Business,Marine & Vehicle.

Ozone is known to be one of the most powerful disinfectant and sanitisers available. Used widely in hospitals for sterilisation it kills viruses and bacteria in the air including Covid 19.
Ozone disinfection is found to be 50 times more effective than regular diinfectant and works 3000 times faster.

An ideal procedure for sanitizing holiday rental properties or rooms when a quick change over is required and deep cleaning is not possible.

Ozone treatment is also effective on odours and mould problems.

Ozone disinfection is safe and very effective when used in conjuction with other cleaning methods by professionals to sanitise enclosed areas.

We are fully trained and certified to carry out this procedure and are members of the International Ozone Association.

For further information or a free quotqtion please call 622214888

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